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Searching the internet

Google was born in January 1996 just a few days after I was born. Then it was just an idea that some students had. They thought that web sites should be listed in order of importance. The problem was how to decide what was important. If they got it right more people would use their search engine and they would make more money.

Today Google is the biggest and best search engine - worth £billions. This year the Google name was valued as the top brand name beating giants like Microsoft , Coca-Cola and IBM.

Google has a clean and simple home page. It is very obvious what you have to do. That is a good design.

But there is much more than just web searches on Google these days. Image and Book searches can also be useful. Google maps are also good, but don’t ask for directions on Google maps - it suggest swimming across the Atlantic ocean to get to New York from England!

Google Books gives very different result to those from  basic Web Searches

Google alerts - sends you an e-mail for search requests

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