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A google images search led to some pictures of a moth which must have been named after a Le Plastrier. Its name was Salania Leplastriana.

Here is a picture of the moth

In one of her e-mails to us Wendy wondered who the moth was named after. She thought it might have been a Robert Le Plastrier.

During a later Google search we came across a passage in a story which went as follows:

"As the coach approached Charlton gate, the guard flourished his bugle and again struck up ‘Rule Britannia,’ which lasted the whole breadth of the market-place and length of Snargate Street, drawing from Mr. Muddle’s shop the few loiterers who yet remained, and causing Mr. Le Plastrier, the patriotic moth impaler, to suspend the examination of the bowels of a watch, as they rattled past his window."

Chapter 7 The Road: English and French

Jorrocks Jaunts & Jollities

by RS Surtees


This was in Dover. Dover is very close to Deal and we know that William Louis was born in Deal, Kent. Another google search had shown his father, Issac, had been made a Freeman of Deal on 10 October 1804.

The Sedan Clock movement which we won on e-bay was made by a W Le Plastrier in Dover.

When we did a Google Book search we found a 1832 Magazine of Natural History. In it was a letter, dated 30 September 1831 from a Rev WT Bree. He wrote that Mr Le Plastrier of Snargate Street, Dover knew lots about moths. In a foot note it says a Mr Curtis had named a Dover moth after this collector.

So the moth was named after the patriotic moth impaler who also worked on watches.

The next census was 1841, I could only find one Le Plastrier family living in Dover then and Robert was the head of the family.

When I checked the original census return I could see the lived in Snargate Street and he and his sons were watchmakers:

I Think Wendy is correct the Patriotic Moth Impaler was Rober Le Plastrier.

Leplastrier's  Piercer

Le PlastrierHow To ResearchMy projectLinks and resourcesBlogGallery