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After settling in London several generations of the family became clockmakers.

We have found lots of pictures which I have put in the gallery of their work and even managed to get a couple of pieces ourselves.

One google search led to some Old Baily reports. Thieves had stolen watches and been caught.

My mummy is a magistrate so I know a little about what happens. The police catch the baddies and take them to court. The victim and the baddy tell the judge what happened and the if the judge thinks the baddy is guilty he is punished. One was punished by death.

The Old Bailey online site gives details of over 100,000 court cases from 1674 to 1834.

I found the Leplastrier family were victims of crime during the early 19th century when their watches and clocks were prized by thieves.

Isaac Leplastrier, my GGGGG Grandfather, was robbed several times. The Old Bailey website gives details about three cases:

In 1824 Daniel Morgan and James Sessions were both found guilty of stealing a watch worth 40l (the italic L means old pound). They were both transported to Australia for 7 years each.

On 15 April 1830 Robert Wall was found guilty of receiving stolen goods. Isaac had been burgled and Mr Wall had the loot including 1 Skeleton clock, 5 other clocks, 4 time pieces, 1 barometer, 1 watch and 2 sacks. The total value was over 100 l. Mr Wall was transported for 14 years.

I don’t know if the thief was ever caught, but if he had been his fate would have been similar to that of Thomas Jones. Thomas Jones was found guilty of breaking in and stealing 2 watch cases on 11 April 1833. He was sentenced to DEATH.

Le Plastrier clocks are still popular with thieves. Sadly my great grandfather Colin had his Le Plastrier clock stolen during a burglary and Dr Nick reported to us that his lovely long clock had also been stolen.

If you ever see a clock with the name Le Plastrier on it please let us know - they are worth a lot of money and we want them back.

Le PlastrierHow To ResearchMy projectLinks and resourcesBlogGallery