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A few years before I was born Nanny Dodo (my daddy’s mum) was in a clock shop between Calne and Marlborough. She asked them if they had any clocks made by Le Plastrier. "That’s funny" said the shop owner "I was asked the same only last week by a man claiming to be the last surviving decedent of the Le Plastrier family".

Nanny Dodo managed to get the man’s name and telephone number from the shop owner and my daddy rang him. Nick was a doctor living in Marlborough. It was his wife, Kate, who was a Le Plastrier.

My great grandmother's maiden name was Le Plastrier, she was still alive at the time and Dr Nick was very surprised to hear from my daddy. He sent my Daddy a book about the family which Daddy took down to his grandmother in the New Forest. She sent it on to her son, Colin, my grandfather, who returned it to Nick.

The book had be written by Denis Le Plastrier Webb. No one would publish it so he paid to have it published privately. My grandpa bought the last few copies and gave a copy to each of his children.

Last year I found the book in daddy’s study - it caught my eye because its title was my second middle name. In it I found pictures of Victorians and clocks and asked daddy about it.

Since then Daddy and I have tried to find out more about the Le Plastrier family, where did they come from, what did they do and where are they now?

We have used Google lots and found many interesting things and even managed to get a couple of clock movements made by my ancestors. While doing this we have made contact with some distant relatives, including Vincent in Australia and just reestablished contact with Nick in Marlborough. Another distant relative, Wendy, who lives near Reading got in touch asking if she could buy one of the clock movements off Daddy.

Over the last few weeks it has stuck me how much of what I have been researching with daddy covers what I have learnt and done over the last seven years at school. History, religion, IT, geography, even maths, french, english and science.

I have been thinking about who am I? What am I ? and where did I come from? And decided that my year 6 project should be about ME.

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