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In 1420 Jehan Le Plastrier was born in Rouen, France.

He would have been 10 or 11 years old (the same age as me) when Joan of Arc was burnt alive at the stake by the English.

16 generations later - I'm here.

Jehan Le Plastrier lived until 1507. To reach the age of 87 was very rare in those days.

This was beaten five generations later when another Jehan Le Plastrier lived to the age of 89.

It was this Le Plastrier who, in 1685, fled from France to England where the family became clockmakers.

My great grandmother's maiden name was Le Plastrier and my mummy and daddy have given me Le Plastrier as a middle name.

This Web site was part of my year 6 school project but I then found I had to  do an  old fashioned (hand written) version - so sorry website not  finished



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